Feng Shui art

Much to my chagrin, I missed the deadline for drop-off of my dance pieces for the Accompaniment show at the BCAC… I’d marked it wrongly on my calendar. But, well — I guess I’ll use those pieces as part of my in-process application for exhibiting membership at Cooperative Gallery 213 in Binghamton. Tomorrow I’m taking down my show at Tranquil Bar and Bistro, and I’ll be hanging it in the Lost Dog Cafe on Wednesday morning. In between times several of the pieces will go to Co-op 213 for the membership committee. Would love to be a part of this group!

Meanwhile, I’ve posted a piece from 2009 at my Etsy shop. I made this art based on a tip from a Lillian Too book on Feng Shui — to sell your house, draw a picture of a bird flying out of your house, carrying a piece of paper in its beak. Optionally, write the amount you hope to sell the house for on the paper the bird carries. Hang this picture at the right (facing out) of the front door.

Since we knew where we wanted to move to, I bordered the house and bird with an image of our destination area.

After a more than a year of having our house on the market, I made this artwork and hung it as directed, and we sold the house on favorable terms four months later. I’m also offering custom pieces for people trying to sell their houses.

I love this technique — such fun. It’s a digital collage printed in partial opacity on fibered paper and worked back into with colored pencil and pen & ink.

Feng Shui Moving Bird
Feng Shui Moving Bird