New camera, and a (possible) new experience as an artist

Finally, after much asking of advice and online research, I decided on a camera to use in my grant-funded Unlikely Dance project. And yesterday I bought it, along with a tripod, an 8GB memory card, and an extra battery pack. Woohoo! I’m not a photographer, and have no ambitions to be one, but I have needed a better camera for quite some time, for shooting reference photos and for photographing art for reproduction, online posting, and entry applications for shows. Think I’ve found just the thing. It’s a Canon ELPH 110:

Canon ELPH110
Canon ELPH110 – my new camera
the size of a pack of cards, shooting 16-megapixel images, good in all light situations, with a very good “auto” setting and “burst” (rapid shooting) and slo-mo video functions for action shots — and all within my budget. I’m thrilled. On with the project!

And then last night, fresh from the triumph of getting my camera, I had an interesting encounter. Sweetie and I were out for a date night at our favorite bar, Number 5. I’d brought a sketchbook, as usual, to keep myself occupied while he watched sports on TV. Art Show sketchNext to me at the bar was a former colleague from Broome Community College, with her date. They were quite interested in my sketches, even taking my sketchbook to look at while I was busy eating, oohing and wowing over the faces I’ve sketched while sitting at art shows. Art Show sketches“Would you be interested in doing courtroom sketching?” he asked. “I’d LOVE to do that!” I answered. He, it turned out, is a state police investigator. I’ve always been fascinated by courtroom sketching, and I wasn’t exaggerating. We exchanged business cards. Later, as they left, he leaned over my shoulder to see the sketch I was working on. “Who’s that?” he asked. It was a woman over at the opposite corner of the bar.More art show sketches “The one in red?” he asked. Yep, I said. He looked at the woman, looked at the sketch, and said “I’ll be in touch.”

The woman in red, and a pretty bartender
The woman in red, and a pretty bartender
Okay, it was an encounter at a bar. And though I find that friendly people at bars are generally sincere, at the time, about getting in touch, it seldom happens. But what a nice possibility! What an adventure that could be.