Talking at FASST, fixing a figure, and running art around town

I felt so appreciated at the FASST (Fine Arts Society of the Southern Tier) meeting last night. Such fun to speak to a group of artists about how I make — and attempt to market — my fine art. And it was so good of the Community Foundation to allow me to borrow back three pieces from my show there for last night’s talk — I re-hung them them this morning, with thanks.

In an attempt to do a quick fix on Wol and the Stone Goddess last night before the meeting, I succeeded in making the figure barrel-chested as well as pin-headed… but it was fun to talk about, with a sympathetic group. I’ll have to make it work soon, as it’s going to be an addition to my Feathered and Feline show when that moves from Tranquil Bar/Bistro to the Lost Dog Cafe next week.

Later today, I’m taking two pieces to the Broome County Arts Council gallery for their upcoming April show, Accompaniment.

Here’s the unsuccessful fix on Wol and the Stone Goddess:

Wol and the Stone Goddess - stage 13
Wol and the Stone Goddess - stage 13: pin-headed and barrel-chested goddess figure

…and these are the two pieces headed for the Broome County Arts Council’s Accompaniment show:

All-In: Morris 5
All-In: Morris 5 - 24" x 18", oils on canvas

Princess Royal: Morris 3
Princess Royal: Morris 3 - 16" x 20", oils on canvas

A TV camera in my studio… yikes!

Early this afternoon I was interviewed in my studio by a nice young woman from the local Fox News affiliate. I know, right? Fox?? But the local broadcast is okay, and who was I to refuse publicity for me and my work?

It all came about because the director of the Community Foundation of South Central New York invited me to show my work in their conference room gallery (we’d talked about it casually since last fall) mid-March through mid-May, in time for their press conference this morning announcing their new Artist Fund grants. When Fox asked her to recommend a local artist they could talk to, she suggested me… as, apparently, did the director of the Broome County Arts Council, co-sponsor of the grant program. So I guess I’m the poster child for the grant — I’ll be shown in the Foundation’s Annual Report as well. Exciting!

They called around 10:15 in the morning — right before my dentist appointment — and wanted to come right over to interview me in my studio. I demurred, citing dental work, so we settled on 1:00 p.m., the latest they could do before deadline. Luckily Dr. Hogan was on schedule and quick, so I had a little time afterwards to straighten up the studio, leaving a few messes here and there so it didn’t look artificially neat.

I’ve been negligent about photography, lately — just not thinking about the iPhone camera in my pocket — and I didn’t get shots yesterday of my show at the Foundation, or today of the TV reporter/camera-person in my studio. The report’s on at 6 and 10 tonight. ([link is now dead] I don’t know what that chubby old woman with my voice was doing in my studio… oh, wait…) Naturally I’m not quite happy with the editing — wish they’d included some of what I said about the vibrant arts community in Binghamton — and that I hadn’t left my new, experimental set of gouache paints out on the drawing table. But really, not too bad.

In the meantime, I took a bunch of photos afterwards of my studio/office as seen by the TV camera, for those who are curious; the painting on the easel — on which I faked working, for the camera — is an already-finished piece called “Whole Hey: Morris 4.”