downloadable desktop affirmations

Here are some affirmation desktop wallpapers I’ve designed and used on my own monitor – feel free to download for your own use. Click on the picture first, to go to the full-size graphic, and download from there. (To download and use: right-click or Control-click on the full-size image; choose “Save image as” and specify a location on your hard drive. Then, in your computer’s appearance settings, choose the file for your desktop.)

Every day I am lighter, stronger, and healthier
For help with weight and self-care issues
My heart is open - my heart is wise and mature
Inspired by a Kelly Howell recording
I live in a sea of love and abundance
I’m afraid I don’t recall where this affirmation came from
Every Day, I invite miracles into my life
Inspired by a BrainSync affirmation
I feel positive energy flowing through me
Inspired by a Kelly Howell meditation
I meditate every day. It's just who I am. It's what I do.
Inspired by Bodhipaksa’s 100-Day Meditation Challenge

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