A metaphorical kick in the teeth

IMG_20190623_135912 (2)
Entrance to Winterthur, in June

Continuing from my last entry… With that first round of Prednisone I felt a lot better… until I tapered off it, and my breathing worsened again. A further CT scan showed the spots, or nodules, were still there in my lung. So I was put on a second round of the steroids, with the same results. But this time the scan showed a proliferation of the nodules, some outside the lung. That was the kick in the teeth (my dad’s phrasing). I’d been apprehensive about the scan results, but really expecting better.

It could still be side effects of the Keytruda — they can continue for months — but the Prednisone isn’t knocking it back. Or it could be a rapid metastisis — atypical of adenocarcinoma, but a possibility nonetheless. So the oncologist is putting me back on chemotherapy, on different drugs than the last round of chemo: five treatments, three weeks apart.

This round may be rougher — the list of possible side effects is daunting, and, as he pointed out, my health is not as good as it was the last time around. I run out of breath very easily, and my breathing is often labored. It sucks. It sucks for me, and for Sweetie. I’m struggling physically, and we’re both struggling emotionally. The death of Sweetie’s mother in June, at age 97, although expected and in some senses a relief, surely didn’t help matters.

Fortunately, a dear friend who’s a psychotherapist has connected me with a colleague of hers, and this is turning into a good and helpful relationship.

Chemo starts sometime in the next week. I’ll check in, in a week or two, as to how it’s going.

9 thoughts on “A metaphorical kick in the teeth

  1. Glenda,

    So sorry to hear and thank you for sharing, which I believe does you some good. You have a gift for being able to talk/write about the big C, and keeping a sense of a little humor with it.

    Keep up the courage for your next fight!

    Be thinking and praying for you, Chuck & Mary

    chuckhauptphoto 607-744-1538


  2. How singular to get this message, as I’d been thinking about you lately and had not, I see now, been receiving blog updates. H & I are sorry to get this news about your latest setback. You must be feeling like Job. We’re extremely glad you’ve connected with a simpatico psychotherapist to help you through this evil rollercoaster of a ride. Peace to you and Leo.

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