Looking Up

In my last post I wrote about having lung cancer. Since then I’ve had two chemotherapy sessions, 3 weeks apart, and the evidence is that my lung tumor is shrinking. (Also, I don’t have a secondary cancer — yay!)

Side effects from the chemo have been fairly mild — after a session I feel good for a couple of days, then I feel like crap for a week. After that I feel reasonably good, though tired, for a week and a half. Haven’t had any nausea, though I have a bunch of prescription anti-nausea drugs, and my hair hasn’t fallen out. I’m feeling upbeat and positive, and I’m sure I’ll get through this.

I developed a really painful DVT (deep vein thrombosis) a couple of weeks ago — probably as a consequence of tumor shrinkage — but that’s under control now, thanks to yet more drugs.

My family and friends, and especially my sweet husband, are all really supportive, I feel bad about dragging my poor elderly Dad through this — he sits with me and my sweetie through each chemo session, we talk on the phone every day or two, and he drops in for a quick visit most Tuesdays and Thursdays (“How’s my little girl?”). Tomorrow I’m finally going to visit him, for the first time since I’ve been sick.

I couldn’t ask for a better, more supportive and nurturing sweetie than my husband. When I’m well again — I have three more chemo sessions to go — I’ll have to re-learn housework and errand-running! He’s taken it all on himself, and only occasionally gets cranky.

I haven’t been making art, but that’s coming. I dream about it. I sleep a lot.

2 thoughts on “Looking Up

  1. Hi this is Janice Norton from oil painting class . I am so happy ☺ that you are doing well. Especially with the chemo. My mom had breast cancer and had a difficult time with the chemo. Every one is different. You have been in my thoughts and prayers ever since I first read that you had lung cancer. I am so excited that the tumor is shrinking! If there is anything I can do for you please do not even hesitate to ask. Janice

    1. Hi, Janice — thanks so much for your note! Every time a friend offers support, I feel strengthened. Chemotherapy has come a long way in the last few years. There was a time, not long ago, when lung cancer of any kind was a death sentence. But my oncology team at Broome Oncology actually did a genetic profile of my tumor, and formulated the chemo treatment from that. And my pulmonologist, Dr. Zia Shah — to whom I originally went to see about my sleep apnea — deserves great credit for recognising that something was wrong, pushing me through a bunch of tests and scans, finally arriving at the cancer diagnosis, coordinating with my new primary care doc, and putting me under the care of the best oncologist in the region. I am so grateful. I hope your mother is doing well now.

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