“Golden Clouds” – finishing, and RE-finishing the underpainting

GoldenClouds04 - Final version of the underpainting
Final version of the underpainting

I post all my art-in-progress photos on my GreenBoat Gallery Facebook page as well as here, and when I considered the underpainting of Unlikely Dance: Golden Clouds finished, I posted it — proudly so, because despite a few correctable flaws I was quite happy with it. However, one of my FB friends — a long-time morris dancer/musician, and an accomplished designer and illustrator himself — began posting about the dancers I’d used as models, naming names along with suggestions to make the dance positions more correct. I’d changed the faces, but evidently not enough. He’s primary musician for the team I was using as reference, so is well acquainted with “the girls” by position and stance, but this was not my objective. I didn’t want to come off all prissy, uptight prima-donna (okay, maybe I am?), but my intention was a painting of dance, using my various photos of the dancers, along with others, as reference only. And I needed the less-than-perfect position for the compositional line. I hope I was courteous and good-humored in my reply, but one never knows how the written word will strike the reader — especially late at night — and I’ve been read and heard before as sharper than I meant to be.

For my part, though, it was a wake-up call which produced a welcome result. I spent another several hours amending my Photoshop image with the web-searched faces of vintage French mannequin heads, and I’m actually MUCH happier with the final underpainting. And my FB friend the dancer/musician/designer marked it with a Like. So that’s good, I think.

The “Unlikely Dance” project was made possible by a grant from the Artists Fund of the Community Foundation for South Central New York

To follow my progress in Unlikely Dance, just click on the “Unlikely Dance” link under TOPICS, on the left of any page in this blog.

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