“Dark Angel” finished — and re-titled “Green Skirt”

Dark Angel-Green Skirt finished
Green Skirt, oils on canvas, 30×48″

This is a studio snapshot of the newly re-named Green Skirt, adjusted as well as possible in Photoshop — the lighting in my studio just isn’t conducive to good-quality photos of a piece this size. I’ll continue wrestling with this issue as the Unlikely Dance series progresses… but I’m so pleased to have finished the first piece!

I’ve re-titled it because I just don’t care for portentous artwork titles — I like the viewer to provide his or her own emotional content, free of the murk in my own brain. The work is no longer mine to interpret — it’s yours. Here’s the complete process:

And now, on the the next. After cleaning the detritus, debris, odds and ends from my work table and drawing table (no small task!) — I’ll tint two more 30×48″ canvases with cadmium red acrylic, and begin two more Unlikely Dance pieces, trading off one for the other during drying periods. That should speed things up — all six paintings are due by November 1 — and keep my interest and spirits high.

Concurrently for a couple more weeks, I’m working on the theme painting for the September Window on the Arts Festival in Windsor, NY — for that I’m commandeering the sewing/guest room across the hall from my studio. It’s my first use of my new plein aire easel, a gift from a friend/collector whose daughter didn’t use it. I’ve always wanted one — such a lovely thing for her to do! That painting is a much-smaller 16×20″.

The “Unlikely Dance” project was made possible by a grant from the Artists Fund of the Community Foundation for South Central New York

To follow my progress in Unlikely Dance, just click on the “Unlikely Dance” link under TOPICS, on the left of any page in this blog.

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