Progress on Dark Angel, and I am invited

Here’s the latest progress on the Unlikely Dance piece, “Dark Angel” — all forms in the underpainting now have their first layer of color. The color’s a bit richer in this photo, compared to the previous, because this time I used my Canon Elph to shoot it in subdued light due to the increasing problems with glare. The overhead light in my low-ceilinged studio is too close to this large canvas, even though I have the painting lowered as far as the easel will go.

Stage 8 - Dark Angel; oils on canvas, 30x48"
Stage 8 – Dark Angel; oils on canvas, 30×48″

Last Tuesday (1/22/13) I was delighted to receive an invitation to be the guest/featured artist at Window on the Arts 2013, in Windsor, NY! I love that show anyway, and now they’ll use my work on posters, T-shirts, ads, etc., for the show. Cool, or what?! They have yet to tell me whether I’m expected to donate the featured artwork for sale as a fundraiser for the festival — that will certainly affect my choice of pieces to submit for the festival board’s choice, but I’m sure we’ll work something out. That show is in September, so we have some time.

The “Unlikely Dance” project was made possible by a grant from the Artists Fund of the Community Foundation for South Central New York

To follow my progress in Unlikely Dance, just click on the “Unlikely Dance” link under TOPICS, on the left of any page in this blog.

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