Life Drawing Sessions at Windsor Whip Works Art Center: You are Needed!

Important Note, 6/23/16: Windsor Whip Works Art Center has suspended their life drawing sessions. They may start up again in the future.

Life drawing – drawing the nude from a live model – is valuable to any artist’s practice, and one of the basic building blocks of art education. Drawing from life in a timed session enhances working speed, visual acuity, and the experience of being “in the moment.” It is not about sexuality or “cheesecake.” It is about perception of form, line, shadow, and proportion. It’s about the courage, creativity, and grace of the model. It’s about our attempts to capture, on paper, all of these qualities.

We’re fortunate in the Southern Tier of New York to have a regularly scheduled life-drawing venue at the Windsor Whip Works Arts Center — 98 Main Street, Windsor — most Thursdays, 6-9:00 PM. The three-hour sessions start with one-minute warm-up poses, working into progressively longer poses. There is no judgment or grading; it’s a convivial and welcoming group of fellow artists of various skill levels.

However, without enough steady participants the WWW cannot afford to keep the sessions going. Please join! If you’d like to car-pool from Binghamton/Johnson City, contact me. To be put on the email list for monthly session schedules, contact the Windsor Whip Works. The cost is low – the artistic rewards are high.

Walk-in price (not prepaid) : $15 per session
5 sessions for $60 for non-members (Save $15)
5 sessions for $50 for members* (Save $25)
Sessions you attend need not be consecutive, and there is no expiration date.

*Membership Fees for Windsor Whip Works Art Center :
$25 Students (21 yrs. & under)
$25 Seniors (55 yrs. & over)
$45 Regular Membership
$65 Family Membership
$500 Lifetime Membership
*Membership also entitles you to discounts on artist workshops sponsored by the WWW.

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