Seeking your photos of Alan Crabb: a new painting in the works

Alan snapshots
Alan Crabb, Messiah 2011

NOTE, 10/21/12
Because of negative feedback and interference I’ve received regarding this project, I will not be informing the public of any progress on this painting. The Flickr group I reference below is now closed to the public. I regret any concern I may have raised, but reserve the right to paint whatever and whomever I will, in the privacy of my own studio.


I’ve sung for a number of years with Alan Crabb, in the Binghamton Downtown Singers and the Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial UMC choir, Johnson City NY. Last week, Alan died, at age 70, and tomorrow I’ll be singing at his funeral, with the rest of his Downtown Singers. It’s so hard to believe he’s gone.

Please help me in collecting photos and videos of Alan, for my use in the composition of a commemorative/interpretive painting of him. As an artist, this is my way of both mourning him and honoring his memory. I’m especially interested in photos of Alan conducting. The portrait will not be a direct copy of any one submitted photo.

One way to contribute digital images of Alan is by uploading them to the Flickr group I’ve established especially for this purpose. Or you can post them on Facebook, and tag them with my name.

I also gladly accept images via CDs, DVDs, and email, as well as hard-copy prints. You may mail them (contact me for the address), or I’ll Alan - Messiah 2011pick up locally, and will return your hard-copy photos after digitally scanning them. I’ll give you a copy of the scanned file as well.

Thank you, for your interest and any help!

This is a personal project, and not under the auspices of, or approved by, the board of directors of the Binghamton Downtown Singers, Inc.

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