“Flowered Kettle” finally finished, as I gather references for Unlikely Dance

Flowered Kettle - oils on canvas, 12 x 16 in.
“Flowered Kettle” – oils on canvas, 12 x 16 in.
Finally, I’ve finished, and — no less an accomplishment, gotten a good photo of — “Flowered Kettle.” Thanks to a value study in Photoshop (see my earlier post on this painting) I’ve achieved more depth and cohesion, but that involved using several dark glazes over the already textured canvas, and I had a lot of trouble with glare and reflections from those dark glossy surfaces. It’s now posted in my Etsy shop, and on my Pinterest board, and the painting itself will go into a storefront exhibit my friend Mary Robertson and I are hanging this week in Johnson City. Mary and I have a line of coincidentally similar subjects in our still life work, and we’ll be showing those together. (We’re also planning to do some painting together this fall.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been using my new camera to shoot locations around Binghamton for possible use in Unlikely Dance, and this Friday — First Friday Art Walk in Binghamton — I’ll be tagging along on the B.F. Harridans‘ morris dance tour in the arts district, photographing the dancers. Hoping for a little sun, Friday, to match the mostly sunny lighting in my location photographs!

Binghamton, across the Susquehanna
Binghamton, across the Susquehanna
Last Thursday I took a particularly promising shot across the Susquehanna River from the Park Diner. It reminds me of a Corot landscape, only awaiting his dancing nymphs. I’ll rearrange the skyline somewhat, if I do use it, and I do rather wish I’d had the Canon ELPH with me; I had to use my iPhone, and the zoomed photo is a bit fuzzy.

Tomorrow morning I’m hanging “Dance Like No One is Watching,” the series precursor to Unlikely Dance, in a local health-food restaurant. Here’s how the series looked, at Tranquil Bar and Bistro last year; there will be changes when I hang it at the new venue. Will post photos of the current show as soon as I can.

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