An art-filled life is never dull

It’s been a couple of months since I last posted, and my life has certainly not stood still during that time.

In June, my upcoming pastels course at BCC was cancelled for lack of enrollment: so disappointing for me, and for those who’d enrolled as well, I’m sure.

Blue Morning, by George Bellows - 1909
Blue Morning, by George Bellows – 1909 – one of the many surprising and powerful pieces in the National Gallery of Art’s Bellows retrospective

But that cancellation was tempered by a trip to the Washington, DC area the next week, for a family event and visits with friends… and a trip to the National Gallery of Art, where a friend and I saw the Bellows and Miro exhibits. Bellows was astounding — I’d never realized the scope and power of his work, and was familiar with only his boxing paintings. Miro was interesting and charming in real life, as in print, but a bit enervating after the excitement of the Bellows. (Later I was glad to have seen the Bellows show before reading the undeservedly tepid New Yorker review.)

My art and prints at Binghamton July Fest
My art and prints at Binghamton July Fest
My art, cards, and earrings at Binghamton July Fest
My art, cards, and earrings at Binghamton July Fest
Later that month I went into a scramble to be ready for Binghamton July Fest, a lovely — if brutally hot — jazz and arts festival in the heart of downtown Binghamton. I did well there, with my new line of standard-size matted and wrapped prints of all the original works I showed.

And last week I showed/sold at Johnson City Carousel Day, a beautifully pulled-together neighborhood festival at CFJ Park, a few blocks from where I live. Much to my surprise and delight, I was awarded a first prize for my artwork, and a second for booth presentation!

But the biggest news of all since my last post is that I was named as one of three recipients of grants from the new Artists Fund of the Community Foundation for South Central New York! My funded project is “Unlikely Dance” — a series of six 30” x 48” oil paintings depicting traditional social and ritual dance in the landscape and public spaces of the Southern Tier of New York. More information on that here! I’ll be regularly posting here about my progress.


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