Owl and Stone Goddess… day 3

Owl and Stone Goddess, stage 5, in studio
Owl and Stone Goddess, stage 5, in studio: my lighting consists of a close overhead fixture covered with a Japanese paper shade, a focused and moveable desk lamp (with wax-paper diffuser) to my left, and natural window light to my right. All artificial lights contain daylight-spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs. Although their light isn't truly full-spectrum, it's a remarkably good simulation.

After spending most of my professional life in the discipline of publication deadlines, as a freelance artist and designer I still find deadlines my most effective motivation, such as scheduled shows and exhibits and this FASST demo on Monday.

So here’s what I got into yesterday. Some literature on colored pencil says to work light to dark. I haven’t found that method altogether successful — in my experience, different colors work with one another differently, regardless of shade or tint. All are translucent; some, like white , are more opaque; some make a drier mark and are easy to work over, like the indigo blue I used first to render the goddess figure; and some are slicker and less easy to cover… like the yellow I laid down first for the owl figure. I’m afraid a lot of the darks and midtones in the plumage will have to wait until I apply the first coat of workable fixatif, restoring the grab of the surface. Before that happens, I plan to get the tree started, over the laid-in sky shapes, and then proceed to work the sky between the branches so the tree is integral to the piece rather than laid over it.

Owl and Stone Goddess - stage 4
Owl and Stone Goddess - stage 4: taking the color trail of indigo darks into the goddess figure, laying down midtones - dark yellow and lilac, respectively, into the owl and goddess figures
Owl and Stone Goddess - stage 5
Owl and Stone Goddess - stage 5: starting the figure rendering over midtones
Owl and Stone Goddess - stage 6
Owl and Stone Goddess - stage 6: darks rendered in goddess figure, and over-burnished with a lilac pencil stick. lights will come later. Owl figure's rendering will have to wait, due to the slick surface of dark yellow I used as a first layer.

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