Owl and Stone Goddess – the beginnings

In April I’ll be moving my Feathered and Feline show from Tranquil Bar and Bistro to the Lost Dog Cafe, another favorite restaurant and bar. It’s a large place (and soon getting larger — I wonder how their upcoming expansion will affect their exhibit space) and I’d like to have another piece or two to add to the show, to freshen it up a bit and fit it to the space.

So — I’ve finally begun work on a new owl piece. It was originally intended to be “Barn Owl in Winter,” but the composition just seemed a bit boring to me, so I’ve fiddled around with it for a few days. I just have to feel that touch of resonance in my chest to make a composition work for me, and this one does that. The working title is “Owl and Stone Goddess,” but that may change.

As usual, I’ve started with a Photoshop collage made up of elements from several photos — a winter sky seen from our back yard in New Hampshire, an elaborate and beautiful sculpture from a Manchester cemetery where I spent an afternoon several years ago, stock photos of a barn owl, a winter tree with birds, the moon. Everything’s been altered, moved around, stretched, blended… then gridded, sketched, and now I’m drawing it on my prepared 24 x 24″ hardboard substrate. It has the same base color as Eddie and the Blue Eggs, and will be a straight colored pencil piece like that one — my intention is that they’ll be companion pieces. They’ll certainly be shown that way at “the Dog.”

Owl and Stone Goddess - stage 1
Owl and Stone Goddess - stage 1: Initial sketch, from digital collage, on painted 24 x 24 in. hardboard. Still struggling with the background tree and the proportions of the goddess' face.

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