Eddie and the blue eggs, finished at last!

It’s taken me a couple of days longer than I’d planned, but E&BE is finally finished (to see the whole piece in progress, start here). Just as I was about to sign it, somehow my entire wire basket of colored pencils went off the taboret and onto the floor. Aaaarrrgh!! This is SO bad for colored pencils — jarring them like that can crack the fragile cores within the wood casings so that every time they’re sharpened, the point breaks off. So who knows what the future will bring — it’s so frustrating to be on a roll and have to sharpen a crucial pencil over and over and over again because the point keeps failing…

But I’ve also discovered a possible alternative to the awful, toxic fixatifs I’ve been using — it’s called Spectrafix, and is composed of casein, water, and ethyl alcohol. Most of the online discussion I’ve found is about using it on pastels, but I’m hopeful — and have ordered a bottle of it.

Be the future as it may, here’s the studio shot of the finished Eddie and the Blue Eggs. It’ll be in my March 2012 show at Tranquil Bar & Bistro, Feathered and Feline, and available as prints at my online shop once I have a high-resolution, printable photo of it.

Eddie and the Blue Eggs - finis
Eddie and the Blue Eggs - finis. Finally ready for the last coating of final fixatif!

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