Starting a new series, and adding to my calendar

Owl, Alighting
Owl, Alighting
I’m starting a new series of works, on owls and pussycats – both separately and together. The Edward Lear poem has always been a favorite of mine, and is an important symbol for my husband and me (you may notice my business name and logo…) – my two currently existing owl and pussycat pieces are popular at my Etsy shop and locally, so I’m going to give a try at expanding on the topic. Still have one more morris dance painting I want to do, but it will have to wait.

First up, I’m exhibiting my colored pencil drawing, Bert at Ease, in a group show called Canine/Feline at the Windsor Whip Works Gallery in Windsor NY (more information and links in my schedule). The show is a benefit for the True Friends of Animal Welfare shelter, which is in lovely Montrose PA, where I once lived.

Bert at Ease
Bert at Ease

Then, a solo show in March at Tranquil Bar/Bistro in Binghamton NY – one of my favorite restaurants, and a lovely setting for art – and I’ve set myself a deadline by titling the show Feathered and Feline. As a publications designer I have always lived by deadlines, and I’m finding they’re a great motivator in fine art too.

I’m also looking forward to teaching a course in colored pencil at Broome Community College, and giving a demo on the same, as well as a brief talk on marketing via Etsy, for the Fine Arts Society of the Southern Tier. (More info and links in my schedule)

The Broome County Arts Council is a great help in finding shows and exhibits, but I’m looking beyond – maybe you can help! Last year I had a wonderful time at the New England Folk Festival (NEFFA) in Mansfield MA, but lost money because of travel/lodging expense. So this year I intend to stay closer to home unless I can line up low-cost lodging with friends or family in further-flung places, or a show doesn’t require my presence (such as invitational or regional juried group shows). Any suggestions? Please leave a comment or contact me!

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