The re-invention of my life

So, what am I – artist or designer? For years after I graduated from college with a BA in studio art, I considered myself a fine artist dabbling in “commercial” design. Breaking into the field in retail advertising and display, at some point I began to accept myself as a designer, and a pretty good one too. Design – publications, signage, print and online advertising, display – was the focus of my professional life until we moved back to Binghamton, NY from Manchester, NH in 2010, and I left full-time employment for the freelance life.

Now I guess I’m both an artist AND a designer, though at the moment I’m busier with fine art than I am with design.

In 2010 I had two solo shows at my two favorite restaurants in Binghamton – Tranquil Bar & Bistro and the Lost Dog Cafe. This year I have one show scheduled so far – at the Broome County Public Library, in August. So it’s time to start contacting people and scheduling, as well as painting!

I’ve had a drawing called “Bert at Ease” accepted into a juried show at the Windsor Whip Works Art Gallery in February, to benefit the no-kill True Friends Animal Welfare Shelter in Montrose, PA – I’m so pleased to be part of this show! You can see my drawing here.

Much as I love painting, drawing, and showing/selling my fine art work, I’m still eager to do some more graphic design.

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